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Monument to Friendship of Peoples

Peoples' Friendship Square is located on Chui Avenue, between the White House and the Historical Museum. There are two versions about the origin of the monument. According to one of them, Kosygin opened the square in 1974 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the USSR. According to another version, the square was created in honor of the 100th anniversary of the “voluntary” accession of the Kyrgyz to the Russian Empire. Built in 1974, in the (then) city of Frunze. It consists of 2 wing-shaped pylons made of concrete, lined with white marble; the pylons are surrounded by high relief, made of copper by hammering and chasing. The base of the monument is made of gray marble. The high relief composition includes 13 figures, symbolizing the unbreakable friendship of the Kyrgyz and Russian peoples, their joint participation in the revolution and cultural and economic construction. At the edge of the lawn surrounding the base of the monument there is a plate with text in Kyrgyz and Russian. Height 28 m, belt diameter 15 m. Sculpture. S. Bakashev, T. Sadykov, Z. Khabibulin, architect. A. Nezhurin.