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Russian Drama Theater

In 1935, the Government of the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic adopted a Resolution on the organization of an independent Russian drama theater. Since then, the State Academic Russian Drama Theater remains the only Russian theater of the Republic. The core of the troupe was made up of GITIS graduates (teachers: People's Artist of the USSR N.N. Litovtseva and People's Artist of the USSR V.A. Orlov). The group was headed by V.G. Feldman, who became the main director of the theater. The theater begins its history on November 6, 1935. a performance based on A. Yanovsky’s play “Capital” (about the builders of the Moscow metro). Immediately - the second premiere of "Platon the Krechet" directed by GITIS graduate V. Vasiliev, who later became the People's Artist of the Kyrgyz SSR and staged productions in Kyrgyz theaters.

A special place in the theater's repertoire has always been occupied by performances based on the works of Kyrgyz writers and playwrights Ch. Aitmatov, M. Baydzhiev, M. Toibaev, K. Eshmambetov, T. Abdumomunov, R. Shukurbekov. In 1988, on tour in Moscow, the theater showed the premiere of “The Scaffold” based on Ch. Aitmatov. In the last decade, the classics have been represented by productions - “Talents and Admirers”, “Late Love”, “Mad Money”, “Truth is Good, but Happiness is Better” by A. Ostrovsky, “The Gambler” by F. Dostoevsky.

Educating the tastes of the provincial audience, introducing them to the best works of world drama, helping to create a national Kyrgyz theater and drama - these were the tasks that were set for the theater.