Kyrgyzstan Tours

Kyrgyzstan tours will introduce you a beautiful mountainous country in the eastern part of Central Asia. Travelling to this small rugged country you will learn about the shepherd culture of nomadic people, their customs and traditions; see jailoos (pastures) and never freezing Issikkul Lake in summer; enjoy skiing in winter, etc. You will be surrounded by captivating landscapes of alpine meadows and snowy peaks of the Tien Shan anytime you travel.

Imagining Kyrgyzstan tour without exploring Bishkek is like visiting Paris without Eiffel Tower. Bishkek tour is a must-see part of any journey to Kyrgyzstan. You will miss a lot if you visit the country without paying a visit to its capital.

Bishkek is relatively young city that received its status only in 1878. There are no medieval sights, but the history of the 20th century can be vividly tracked in the streets of this green city. There are many parks, alleys, squares, and different monuments dedicated to the prominent figures of Kyrgyzstan, as well as beautiful sculptures.

Bishkek tours give an excellent opportunity to learn the architecture of the city and to find out more about the history of the capital. Usually, the excursion includes a visit to the Ala-Too square where the most important events of Kyrgyzstan were held, Victory square, Osh bazar - genuinely oriental bazaar with a hectic trade, and a promenade in the Duboviy Park, favorite for its monuments under the tree shades.

National park Ala-Archa, gorges of Alamedin, Belagorka, Issyk-Ata and Shamsi are touristy spots in the Bishkek vicinity, only few km away from the capital. There you can take a stroll at the foot of the grand Kyrgyz mountains. For those who adore adventures and extreme sports, a rafting tour along the Chu River will be a memorable pleasant extension.

Book Kyrgyzstan tours and discover nomadic culture and unspoilt mountainous nature.

Bishkek City Tour

Bishkek City Tour Classic excursion in Bishkek is a visit to the main sights of the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The most interesting part is concentrated in the city center, and may take 3-4 hrs.walk to cover it quickly. However, for a complete tour in Bishkek, you may require an entire day. During the excursion, you will visit the Philharmonic, the Ala-Too Square, State History Museum, Victory Square, and many monuments. Bishkek is considered one of the greenest cities of Central Asia, and you will find it yourself in this during your walk in the alleys, squares and the Duboviy Park. Besides, you will have an opportunity to visit TSUM that is known for being the best souvenir marketplace.


Alameddin Gorge Tour

Tour to Alameddin Gorge Trip to Alameddin gorge is one of the best options for one-day tour in the surroundings of Bishkek. Located 40km away from the capital, the gorge is now one of the beloved countryside resort spots for guests and residents of the city. By choosing this tour, you can take a walk to the beautiful meadows buried in forest berries and mushrooms in summertime, see glaciers and snow-capped mountain peaks and take many photos of this fascinating beauty of the Kyrgyzstan nature. After a short trekking, you will have a nice picnic. This tour is for those, who wish to rest from the city hectic. If you have one day free in Bishkek, you know how to make it one of the best ones.


Belagorka Gorge Tour

Tour to Belagorka Gorge One-day tour to the gorge of Belagorka is a beautiful hike to the 60-m waterfall. Only in one-hour drive from Bishkek, you will be at the entrance to the gorge, where cliffs are covered with grass, flowers and berries. It will take around 2 hours walk along the gorge to get to the waterfall, here you will see bushes of rosehip, currant, hawthorn and barberry, and the snow-capped peak of the Mount Cherniy Kreml (Black Kremlin) that serves as the landmark. This hike is beautiful especially in spring and summer, and if you happen to be in Bishkek at this time of the year, do not miss your chance to enjoy the beauty of the Kyrgyzstan mountains.


Burana Tower and Issyk-Ata Gorge Tour

Tour to Burana Tower and Issyk-Ata Gorge Excellent one-day Burana Tower and Issyk-Ata Gorge tour that combines a visit to both - historical and natural sights in the surroundings of Bishkek. During the trip, you will visit ruins of the ancient settlement of Balasagyn and a famous Burana Tower (11th century), have lunch in traditional Kyrgyz village where you can see everyday life of local people and then continue the tour to the picturesque gorge of Issyk-Ata. There you will have a walk to the waterfall. You will also have a chance to bathe in the healing pool with radon water. Such varied and intensive program of the tour makes it one of the most interesting options for one-day holiday in the surroundings of Bishkek.


Shamsi Gorge Tour

Tour to Shamsi Gorge One-day tour to Shamsi gorge is a unique opportunity to touch the culture of the Kyrgyz nation. This wonderful place is located rather far from Bishkek – 110km. If you leave the hectic city early in the morning, you will be in an amazing mountain gorge covered in woods in 1,5 hrs. There you will start with an easy horse-ride to the Shamsi pass, where you will feel a real nomad. After the hike, you will go down to the gorge Toru Kayin. There you will have lunch in the house of a shepherd (chaban). After that, you can have some more of horse riding in the surroundings if you wish, and then return to Bishkek. This is a beautiful horse-riding tour, but if you do not have previous experience of horse riding, this long ride in a saddle may tire you.


Rafting tour in the Chu River

Rafting tour in the Chu River One-day rafting tour along the Chu River will energize you and gift a refreshing drive. 113th km ride from the capital towards Issyk-Kul will take you to the Chu River, where the rafts, equipment and experienced instructors will be awaiting you. After having a coaching and preparing for the river extreme, you will go floating in the wild waters of the Chu River. The length of the float is 15km and takes around 1.5 hrs. Relatively quiet parts of the river are followed by rapid streams with big rollers. Rafting has a low complexity and even a beginner can manage the pressure. As a result, you will have loads of impressions and a complete picture of rafting.

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